Structured Wiring

No matter the size or scope of the project, CTSI is highly skilled in structured wiring installations. Phone, data and TV outlets, they will be all installed to industry standard with a prime focus on functionality and appearance. Wiring will be routed in a professional manner and easy to maintain going forward.

Residential & Commercial Installations

The focus is to see and understand what the customer needs in their installation, residentially and commercially. By speaking with the customer, our technicians will devise an installation plan that fits their needs. Our technicians will carry a professional presence and attitude throughout the installation.

Fiber Splicing

CTSI has the best fiber splicing equipment available to ensure that each and every splice is done to near perfection. From a single residential splice to a multi count fiber terminal, our technicians and equipment will make sure the job is done properly.

Directional Drilling

Brand new Vermeer directional drills are available for a multitude of drilling jobs. Commercial plant extensions, entire neighborhood fiber over builds, commercial direct bores. Our equipment and operators are the finest in the industry, and we strive to ensure our footprint is very limited on the property. We have a full grounds restoration crew on site to clean up and return the grounds to their prior condition. We are prepared with dirt and grass seed on each and every job. Our drill operators pride themselves on properly reading locates and staying away from the various public and private utilities we cross on a daily basis.

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